Your comments and suggestions about Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy are always welcome. Here’s what YOU say… 
“I made a sports massage appointment to see Dr Sarah Taylor having been in agony with a Frozen Shoulder for a few months. I was receiving physiotherapy but the progress was very slow. After a couple of treatments with Dr Taylor I noticed a vast improvement. I had more flexibility in my arm and shoulder than I’d had in months, and the pain relief was amazing. I didn’t realise how tense my whole body was with the pain. But, after treatment the tension disappeared, leaving my body, especially my arm and shoulder, feeling so light that I couldn’t believe it! I would recommend Dr Taylor to anyone.” 
Barbara B, Torquay 
“Having had arthritis and a number of operations on Hips, Knees and Spine I have always had a certain amount of pain in my back and legs. I have visited Doctors, Hospital Consultants and Chiropractors who have never come up with the solution. Having seen Dr Sarah Taylor she pinpointed the trouble and explained what the problem was, and gave me treatment which helped considerably. I would certainly visit her again in the near future.” 
Dean D, Torquay 
“After playing tennis for many years I have acquired a build-up of aches and pains with mild tennis elbow. The two sports massage and remedial therapy treatments I had with Dr Sarah Taylor were beneficial. One treatment on my back, neck and shoulders broke down stiffness that had accumulated over many years. The other treatment on my arm gave a noticeable improvement to the mild tennis elbow that I have suffered with.” 
Richard S, Torquay 
Lauren has a special way with her, she is able to analyse painand it often seems that her fingers know exctly where you are suffering. She is sympathetic, never judgmental and always ready to help and to heal. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 
“The following bullet points describe the overall picture of a period of six weeks sports massage treatment, once a week with Sarah
Vastly improved mobility 
Reduction in spasm and pain 
Encouragement that improvement is possible 
Confidence that you knew what you were talking about with the depth of medical expertise 
Clear explanations about what you were doing and why 
The degree of improvement surprised me over such a short time-span, and I am grateful that I have found someone practising a technique that brings more relief than any other I have tried.” 
Sue F, Teignmouth 
“Some years ago I was told I have Scoliosis in the lower spine. At the time, and since, no Doctor or Chiropractor has ever taken an interest or explained to me what the condition was. I visited Dr Sarah Taylor for a sports massage session and she immediately said she was very interested in my condition. She explained to me what problems it was causing and she then worked on the muscles around the back. This helped the pain in the back and legs when standing.” 
April D, Torquay 
“Having been the recipient of treatment, over a period of many years, from chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, physiotherapists etc, and continuing to suffer with arthritis, in particular a severe lack of mobility and movement in my neck, I had more or less given it up as a bad job! So, I decided to attend the sports massage and remedial therapy sessions put on by Dr Sarah Taylor. It was obvious that she had a great knowledge of the workings of the human body, no doubt learnt from her medical training over a period of years. The treatment actually worked and brought relief, giving me more confidence for the future! I would most certainly recommend her to anyone and would look forward to further treatment sessions in the future.” 
John G, Torquay 
"I love seeing Lauren for my massage therapy! She always gets rid of my aches and pains, gets my knots out and straightens me up. She has magic hands, great work ethic and amazing personality on top of all of that, making my every visit effective and very relaxing. I definitely strongly recommend her to all" 
"Sarah has been my sports massage therapist for over 10 years, in which time she has become not only a good friend but someone for whom I have the utmost respect. I am a keen cyclist but inevitably it does create conditions that need treatment. Sarah's knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is, IMHO, second to none and she administers that knowledge with precision, passion and care. I go to her regularly to keep me in the best possible shape for the bike and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her wholeheartedly." 
Robbie S, Whimple 
“The sports massage treatment that I received from Dr Taylor was extremely beneficial. Her pleasant, professional approach added to a most relaxed atmosphere” 
Dorothy A. Torquay 
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